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Suzi Young - Manager
Camera Ready Kids ®
Talent Management, Inc.

Camera Ready Kids
(Attn: Suzanne Young)
PO Box 5897
Takoma Park, Maryland 20913
Offices:   301-270-1640

Film Strip

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  • Not auditioned or interviewed
  • Paid if they work, even if they have a "bad baby day"
  • Expected to just be a baby
  • Provided all information need before a job (pay, call time and place, wardrobe directions)


  • Cannot email images
  • Can always see the babies while they are working
  • Should only have "one" parent attend a job


  • Pay all babies, even if not in the finished product
  • Usually hire more then one baby so that they have a "back up"
  • Does not guarantee a copy of any job done

Camera Ready Will Not Accept
E-Mailed Pictures Of Any Babies.
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