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The Actor's Journey
Signing Families

actor's Journey Project

One of our many clients, Stanley Livingston, can already boast a career of fifty years in the entertainment industry - including a phenomenal twelve year run as "CHIP" on one of television's most popular and durable series, MY THREE SONS. The sit-com is television's second-longest running comedy series and has been broadcast for nearly 46 years!

Stan just completed post-production on THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY and THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY for KIDS, a pair of Documentaries about young adults and children's involvement in the entertainment industry. Each Four-Part Series is four hours long contains interviews with over 100 veteran Television and Motion Picture Stars, Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Talent Managers. Other interviewees include the Presidents of the two most powerful unions in the motion picture industry, The Screen Actor's Guild and The Director's Guild. Many of the Interviewees have been nominated for or won Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globe awards. Stan Produced as well as Directed both Documentaries.

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To learn more about Stan and this project, please visit his web site at:

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Signing Families

Signing Families helps you learn sign language to use with your baby, toddler, special needs child or adults! Our teaching sessions and DVD provide basic sign language skills to use with children and adults. The Signing Families staff offers many kinds of sessions to learn sign language.

We provide classes to teach mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and caregivers basic sign language skills. You will be taught a total of 100 signs in all. At the end of the session you are given a practice DVD to use at home to reinforce your class session. (We know that the memory banks of our brains can only learn so much in an hour, which is why we offer a DVD for reinforcement included in our price!). You can also purchase the DVD directly!

In addition to teaching sign language our staff is able to answer questions regarding language development with your child. We also will help you employ sign language to reduce tantrums, increase communication between parent and child and handle situations in large venues when children need to be quiet (eg. church, synagogue, concerts, etc.)

Language therapists often recommend the use of sign language with special needs children and adults. To help an individual to communicate reduces frustration and confusion on the part of the special needs individual and the parent/caregiver. Signing Families wants to empower your family by teaching you sign language skills! We hope that learning American Sign Language basics will help facilitate communication in your home and school environments! The staff at Signing Families has a wealth of experience with special education.

Signing Families are able to provide your place of business sign language classes catered to the vocabulary needed for your circumstances. (For example, health related words for a physician’s office staff)

For more information please visit