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Suzi Young - Manager
Camera Ready Kids ®
Talent Management, Inc.

Camera Ready Kids
(Attn: Suzanne Young)
PO Box 5897
Takoma Park, Maryland 20913
Offices:   301-270-1640

Film Strip

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Auditions for Representation After Mandatory Meeting for Talent - 3 Years to 21 Years Old

The facts and fiction of working successfully as an actor in the Washington/Baltimore/Philadelphia/New York and California metropolitan areas will be discussed.

Our Information Seminar has been held for this year. Please check back early next year for our upcoming Information Seminar.

Camera Ready Kids are:

  •   Self confident
  •   Motivated
  •   Talented and imaginative
  •   Independent
  •   Well spoken
  •   Strong students with great reading skills
  •   Well rounded individuals
  •   Able to handle pressure and rejection

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Suzi Young wishes to gratefully acknowledge over twenty years of working with wonderful, supportive parents.